Module Cgr.Global

module Global: Cgr_global
Global variables.

val pr_verbose : (string -> unit) Pervasives.ref
To print a string in verbose mode.
val verbose_mode : bool Pervasives.ref
Whether the verbose mode was set or not.
val probs : Cgr_types.probs Pervasives.ref
Default probs.
val markov_probs : Cgr_types.markov_probs Pervasives.ref
Default markov probs.
val out_channel : Pervasives.out_channel Pervasives.ref
Out channel to print result.
val in_channel : Pervasives.in_channel Pervasives.ref
In channel to read input from.
val out_dir : string Pervasives.ref
Directory to create output files.
val length : int option Pervasives.ref
Length, for example for the maximum length of the sequence to read.
val start_pos : int option Pervasives.ref
Start position to read the sequence from, for files only.
val add_rev_inv_seq : bool Pervasives.ref
Whether to add reversed inverted sequence when reading a sequence.
val title : string option Pervasives.ref
Optional title.
val diff_factor : float Pervasives.ref
Factor to use when printing differencies.
val cache_dir : string option Pervasives.ref
Optional directory for caching results.
val cols : int Pervasives.ref
Number of columns in latex tables.
val test_seqs_dir : string option Pervasives.ref
Optional directory to find sequences used in tests.
val test_cache_min_len_seqs : int Pervasives.ref
Minimum length of sequences cached on files to use when testing.
val cache_file_extension : string option Pervasives.ref
Extension for cache file to use when testing, to avoid comparison of zones.
val only_one_test_seq : int option Pervasives.ref
To use in threaded meta_cenac, indicate that only the nth file of a test seqs dir must be used.
val cgr_next_method : Cgr_types.cgr_next_method Pervasives.ref
The way to compute coordinates of next point in CGR.